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Love Earth Action

we care. we act

Recycled papers

Recycled Papers are available to all PIL's products, e.g. Recycled Wood-Free paper, Recycled Kraft paper

100% Water-based coating inks

PIL's inks & glue are 100% water-based and in-house made, no solvent based residues and comply with REACH standard

Vio-Glitter paper

Vio-Glitter is made from compostable PLA film, it is Biodegradable, Ecologically non-toxic & Decomposable.  We have successfully developed to replace the traditional PET glitter. 

We are applying the Trade-mark for our Vio-Glitter in USA, EU and China.

Supernova Paper & Super Sparkling Paper

We develop a highly shining, sparking paper to be the alternative of glitter paper.

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