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Survey for Gift-giving habit

1) Do you prefer receiving gift with well packaging?
2) Do you feel there is not environmental friendly for gift wrapping?
3) Do you concern gift wrapping is environmental friendly or not?
4) If the gift wrapping is environmental friendly, can this encourage you to use it?
5) What festival you need to prepare gift?
6) How many gifts you need to prepare per year?
7) For yearly usage of wrapping paper/bags and wrapping stuffs, do you want to buy all at one time to save your time and cost?
8) Do you willing to keep a set of wrapping kit at home?
9) Is it attractive if the wrapping kit can be other application, e.g chair / table?
10) How much do you spend for Wrapping Paper and Wrapping Paper Bags for all kind of your gift items per year?

Thank you for spending your time for our survey!

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